Foam & Pvc H3 turret weapon W.I.P. & pics


Last night I was out in my work shop kicking around some foam & pvc pipes, and this is what I have come up with so far. Still have to work on the belt links, top off the ammo boxes, and put both front & rear handles on. Plus paint.

Use a hot knife & dremel to cut the 1/4" gray foam sheet to cover the 4" pvc pipe, and end cap. Then just hot glue the foam onto the pvc. Just looked at a few pics of the H3 turret, and when to work.

I use the 4" sewer pipe, and end caps. It's thinner walled, and real lite not like the other 40 sch pipe. Plue it half the cost.

Put the front & rear handles on with some paint on the weapon. Still need to put some wear & tear, plus some batle damage on it. This thing is arounds 5 lbs total with out the ammo feed system, and belt links, still need to build that stuff, and put it on.

UPDATE: Put some wear & tear on the weapon. Not bad for just three days work.


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Awesome work on the turret! These foam builds are getting me more pumped to start on my own.