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Hi all! I'm making my multiplayer Spartan from Reach, and rn the puzzle mats I'm using are ~3/4 inch thick and are too difficult to work with. I want to get something thinner, but was wondering if I should just go with a random set of 1/2 inch eva foam puzzle mats of Amazon or if I should get cosplay specific foam from Lumin's Workshop. Does anyone have experience with Lumin's foam? If so, how are their Hard-Lite, Form-Lite, and Original EVA foams different and what would be best for a Spartan from Halo? (I was leaning towards the hard-lite bc of the sharp angles advertised, but can it still be bent and curved with a heat gun?)


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I wish I could give you a proper review of the Lumin's Workshop foam - I received some samples from a cosplay comp but I must have given them away to a friend...
Without knowing too much about how they physically handle, I'd stick with the original foam from Lumin's. It has the highest density, meaning it sands nicely, and will probably behave more like the foam online cosplay tutorials would use. If you want, it looks like you can pick up sample packs of the other two from the online shop, or if you ask Lumin's nicely, they might be happy to share some smaller samples of their various foam types.


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I bought TNT foam not too long ago and I like it so far. I haven't really heard about Lumin foam but if you are wondering about foam thickness and ease of access I suggest Harbor freight mats, 4mm foam, 6mm and craft foam. The last three aren't necessary but good to have on hand.
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