Foam SPI *Reforged*


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So I will be making the SPI armor out of foam, it will probably be my favorite armor to date, got some big plans for it, I am going to have fun with this, anyway here is what I hope to achieve or better:


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Alright, I have an idea for the helmet! Maybe some clear worbla, heat it up and let gravity do the rest sort of, I could vacuum for, just have to make one! Just an idea.


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Ah, well might just forego the mirage class helmet then

Check out PETG at your local plastics supplier or hardware store. It's effectively the same material as pop bottles but you can get different thicknesses. If you make a buck the shape of your visor you can heat form it with a heat gun or build a cheapo vacuum former.

Clear Worbla is just not fun stuff to work with. You have to get it stupid hot and then flash chill it to get it to keep it's shape. It's also uneven thickness and gives a beer goggles like effect when looking through it.