Foam Technique Tutorials

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Foam Technique Tutorials

So finally the day has come as promised for my foam tutorial. I hope I have covered as much as I can without over doing it. If there is anything you think I have missed out then feel free to ask and I will do more vids.

Foam Technique Tutorial Part 1 Here

Foam Technique Tutorial Part 2 Here


Basic Lighting Tutorial

Basic Lighting Tutorial Here

For a proper explanation of the maths needed for LED wiring check out James's vid from here.
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this is pretty awesome!!!
i think i may post a video for the scale paint technique i use for guns and im putting on my suit

ive been curious about foam but been so caught up in my pepping i focus alot on that alone

i think you did a sweel job its a good start for ppl not knowing whether to pep or foam

Very good sir! All useful stuff, should clear up any problems anyone has. This needs to be a sticky!!
Thank you guys. I will be adding videos of a full helmet build too. Not sure which to do first though the CQB (I have started some vids on that already) or the ironman stealth helmet I want to do here
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Thanks guys. I will be doing some more additions at the weekend as I realised I missed a bit out. Will order some more foam tonight so I can do a start to finish helmet tutorial. I have chosen to do the Ironman Stealth helmet for the tutorial as that will have some custom aspects to it that will show people how to modify templates to add some originality to their builds.

Happy building,
Great job Tom!
There should be more video's like this (re: foam) as it's a tutorial subject in short supply here!

Thank you and you are right we need more. Hopefully I can cover everything there is to know but we really need to get LilTyrant to do one for us too.

Great tutorial! I wanted to do one just because there aren't many :p I'm still learning but As far as I can tell I got most of the main info down! I'm sure I'll think of another question down the road, but I was noticing on your Ironman build that the seams on the faceplate went away. I'm trying to figure out how to better hide these, but they seem to have disappeared completely from yours! Was that just part of the photoshop you did, or what? Wait Got another! Some people do a cut on the inside of a single piece to give it an angle without using several pieces? Do you do that or should I keep looking? :p
Cheers man glad I can show people some nice little tricks to keeping things looking clean.
First no I didn't photoshop the seams on the ironman helmet. I still sit and look at it wondering how I managed to hide them so well. You can almost see them but they are well hidden. I think I must have sanded them down, then applied enought PVA glue to smooth them out and then the layers of plastidip just finished the deal. I do remember doing lots of coats of everything so that must have been why there seem to be no seams.
Oh as for the back cut angles I did a video on that technique just forgot to put it in some how. I am updating later today with it :)

Keep on building,
I'll definitely be watching it, i've been putting superglue on the outside seams to keep the glue from gushing (but superglue can be expensive) so I'll try smoothing the glue out like that. The shock and awe is cool, it means as good as you are, there may be a chance that I can smooth it out almost as good! :D I need to get some plastidip -_-
Just curious as to the exact brand of knife you use, when i start my reach operator build, i want to be as close as possible to try to get the same results :D
Just curious as to the exact brand of knife you use, when i start my reach operator build, i want to be as close as possible to try to get the same results :D

The brand of knife and blades are Swann Morton. I had a quick scan to see if you get that brand but they all seem to be UK imports. Here is a Good deal, in fact I wish mine were this cheap, You get the knife and 100 blades cheaper than I bought my knife alone for :(
Video updates on Page 1. I also did a basic lighting tutorial for those that would like some lights in their suits. I am no expert so its like a dummies guide by a dummy :p
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! I leave for the weekend and look what just happened! :D
Big thanks for the videos, Drack, I already got some ideas after watching them.

If I could have a suggestion for a part 3, I'd really like to know how you'd cut small negative details, like the inner side of a small U-shape with 90-degree corners. Those always give me trouble, although I do try to use the technique where you do a shallow cut first...
Loving it Tom!
Great videos, well worth the wait you made all of us go through ;)
Keep'em coming, this forum is in dyer need of great foam info!

yayyyyyyy thank you so much sir for this videos! specially that tecnique on angle cuts, youst wow it was all worth the wait drack for real! and i cant beleive you are going to do a tut of a helmet made out of foam :D i cant wait for that thank you so much for taking your time on this sir!
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