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Discussion in 'Non-Halo Costumes and Props' started by PyroPsycho, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. PyroPsycho

    PyroPsycho New Member

    Hey all, I am working of finishing some for honor helmet builds for pepakura. Should have them done and posted shortly.
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  2. PyroPsycho

    PyroPsycho New Member

    I have finished modeling the 3d files, Sorry it took a little longer to convert them to a low poly model of the sculptures. They just need to be unfolded
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  3. PyroPsycho

    PyroPsycho New Member

    A few more modifications as far as the hinge scaling goes but should be posting the file soon

    Lawbringer-Helmet .blend.png

    Lawbringer-Helmet2 .blend.png

    Lawbringer-Helmet3 .blend.png
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  4. Cosmonaut

    Cosmonaut New Member

    I'm actually quite interested in seeing how this all turns out since I'm doing a Kensei menpo unfold. Also if you're having a problem with the polycount and still trying to retain accuracy, I had exported the Kensei file into an STL instead of a Collada and managed to get away with more detail that Pepakura was able to handle. I'm not really sure why it worked but it was just a relief to see I hadn't wasted my time; keep up the good work.
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  5. PyroPsycho

    PyroPsycho New Member

    Thanks man. Keep me posted on your build. I'm actually really excited to see how you finish it. I haven't seen a lot of for honor builds and it's great to talk to someone who is working on the same game. Keep up the hard work

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