For New/ Current Members: Commissioning or buying your own costume online


Regiment CO
405th Regiment Officer
Very good morning to all Singapore Regiment members new, old and to-be.

It has come to our attention that some of us have tried to get our costume commissioned by other local makers / overseas maker that's not familiar with the Halo universe and overcharging it. There 's nothing wrong with getting your costume commissioned by a prop master.

But I would urge our member to consult the command team or at least the 405th forum before jumping into the commission or purchase.

Reasons are simple, we really do not want to see members overpaying for something that's not worth the quoted price, due to one not being familiar with the prop business and its range of prices or not being familiar with the prop maker which might turn out to be a recaster, scam...etc.

Seeing our fellow brothers and sisters losing their hard-earned money is painful for us as it is to you.

We here on the 405th have really experienced members who can advise you better on weather the current maker is someone they have purchased before and recommended or is someone to avoid.

We too have talented members with experience who could support your commission with Resin kits made with love and scrutinized details that have been vetted by many other members and offering these kits at more than reasonable rates Eg: Sean's Kit, Armory Props... etc

In Summary: Do approach anyone of the Regiment officers or open a thread on the costuming segment of the forum and ask for advice before making purchase / commissioning just to be sure.

Stay Frosty guys!

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