For those who use google

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RSS is a Really Simple Script or Syndicated Script that you can use on any website you want. You put the code in a RSS reader, and you get "news" topics anywhere you want them.

In this case, I use them on my google home page. I organize it so I have all the latest gaming news, on one tab. This is how I get the latest news faster than most of you guys.


Almost every site has RSS feeds of some sort. Just go to to set up your own customizable home page. Then it gives you options to add your own RSS feeds.

Click on ADD STUFF.....

THen Click on ADD by URL:


then paste the URL that I gave you in the first post, into the space for it.


then VOILA..... instant news on your google page.


And you can add you own tabs, and organize it how you want. I couldn't live without it.

I have HBO, IGN, TeamXBOX, Mjolnir, CNN and others on my news spot. Try it, you'll love it.
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