Forcecon - San Antonio - May 28-29 2022


405th Regiment Officer
Event Name

Event Website
FORCECON 22 | Tech Port Center + Arena

Event Venue
Tech Port Center + Arena San Antonio

Venue Address
3331 General Hudnell Drive
San Antonio, TX 78226

Approximate Number of Attendees

Event Description
Armed Forces Sports Esports Championship

May 28, 2022

Start Time

End Date
May 29, 2022

End Time

They will provide meals, and accommodations for donning and doffing armor, as well as free entry into the event.


405th Regiment Officer
Stream Team
Member DIN
Providing an update to Brau's posting in his absence, as I gathered a massive amount from a call with the organizers.
Event Name: FORCECON Gaming Expo and E-sports Championship

Event Website:

Business Affiliate Website: (us) and

Event Venue: Tech Port Center + Arena

Venue Address: 3331 General Hudnell Dr. San Antonio, TX 78226

Approximate Number of Attendees: N/A, Pardon our dust.

Event Description: E-Sports Event, Attendees are primarily present and invited to bolster the environment for Halo Infinite competitions being held.

Start Date: Saturday, May 28th
Start Time: 10:30 AM CST to 7:00 PM CST

End Date: Sunday, May 29th
End Time: 10:30 AM CST to 7:00 PM CST

Full Schedule:

Teams on site at 8:30 AM CST each day.

10:30am: Show Start
11am - 6pm: Free Play LAN Center open
11am: Armed Forces Champs: Halo Infinite (RO6)
2pm: Armed Forces Champs: Halo Infinite (Semis)
5pm: Armed Forces Champs: Halo Infinite (Finals)
7:30pm: VIP Reception & EDM Concert (Artist TBA!)

10:00am: $10k Halo Tournament Play starts
10:30am: Doors & Expo Hall Opens
11am: Air Force Gaming Rocket League Finals
2pm: Air Force Gaming Fortnite Finals
5pm: $10,000 Halo Open Tournament Finals (edited)

Number of Requested/Desired Members: 7

Rooms Provided/Finance: Hotel rooms will be provided, with a default of 4 rooms currently, and more can be acquired in necessary.

Entry: Entry is provided, and members are encouraged to enter with teams at 8:30 AM with gear and equipment to set up for suiting up and suiting down for the day.

Amenities: Lunch is provided through voucher for all participants. Handlers and their amenities are also provided and match that of participants (Hotel, Food, etc.) Storage space on convention floor is also provided to safely secure gear.

Request Expectations and Etiquette: Engage with the attendees, uphold general professionalism expected by 405th. Enjoy the event! Organizers would like to stage some video content and social media content with attendees and competitors throughout the event.
Saturday is the priority day for attendance.

In conjunction with this nice wall of text, I am weighing out options to make an appearance myself. As my only roadblock with everything else handled for the event is, well, ACTUALLY getting there. I could do the 11 hour drive our I can do a flight. but with it being such a close deadline the former may be my only option. Otherwise members that are going I am happy to help provide promotional materials such as a backdrop w/ stand, flag, standing banner, etc.


Member DIN
Trooper S013 reporting for duty! I'm in Austin and plan on driving down there with one other participant.
Please note that I have plans back in Austin Sunday evening, so I can't stick around long after our duty hours on day 2.

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