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I left the forums for 6 months due to all the negative comments and think that this is a good idea. to many people want to knock down the guy who either doesnt get or isnt capable of figuring out everything including language barriers so thumbs up mods lets hope this work out for the best.


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With all my deepest respect to our Mods and Admins, I must agree 100 % with Dogwizard. Its a good ide, but nothing some persons can handle, sadly.

Sean Bradley

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Honestly guys I understand your concern, and I greatly appreciate your approaching us about them.

Consider please that this is a trial, and if the system does get abused as you say it can be, we can shut it off, or make other changes. We're just trying out a new way to improve the quality of the forums. Frankly it's more democratic than the previous methods... I don't understand the objections.

There's always ways to abuse the system... they were present in the previous platform for the site too... we're just seeing if this works any better.


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Yeah I agree with Sean.

And I haven't seen any cliques here in a long time...jerks usually don't work well with others, at least not for any real length of time. Usually jerky people are alone or have 1 'minion' (yessssss mmm'lord).

I don't think anyone will have their posts unfairly hidden as the rating system just sends the mods a notice to take action. It's giving the boards more control than before as Sean pointed out. It takes quite a significant level of agreement to bring a post to moderation in the 1st place and it is just a trial. If it doesn't work, it'll get turned off.

Obviously if there's nothing scathing about a post with a -10, it'll be clear what the issue REALLY is (i.e. someone suffering from butthurt). ^^

I hate that some rood folks turned you away from the site Vampyredh. I know how frustrating that can be. Our honest to goodness goal is that some of the new board options help the community cleanse itself of a lot of the negativity. I know it's the internet, but we got high hopes here and we know most of the members are truly nice, helpful folks.