Fotus Pepakura Helmet

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by James Murray, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. James Murray

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    Hey guys, I'm doing my first pepakura helmet. I think I picked one of the harder ones to do here, but it's for a gift for my best friend for christmas. We have a clan. So here's some pics.

    Pic with the cup is just prior to Epoxy resin apply. I just finished it today. It's pretty cold here so it's going to take longer to cure but I dont mind at all. I know it's not perfect but I"m hoping to clean it up a bit once the resin hardens.

  2. xXDashIVXx

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    Looking good
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  3. Benton188

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    Looks really nice. Did you print it with gray paper or did you apply a gray coat of something onto it prior? Just odd to see a pep helmet that isn't plain white lol
  4. James Murray

    James Murray New Member

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    Man I accidentally did that in the Model Maker. Then after the fact I was like, meh, it works. I've just finished fiberglassing the inside of it and have it hardened now and will begin the bondo phase this week sometime. I'll post updated pics later.
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  5. slimjm

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    That looks really good, which file did you use? I want to make a FOTUS helmet too, but can't decide which version to start with.
  6. HenAu12

    HenAu12 New Member

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    Hi I was wondering if the helmet in the picture has not been modified(scaled larger or small)
    And I was wondering if you could tell me the size of your head to see if the helmet if fit my head.
    Much thanks and take care.

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