Frankie talks about Halo movie 5/13/07

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Just picked this up in Joystiq's interview with Frank O'Connor at the H3 press event.

How about the movie? What's happening there? I imagine that in your position that you're also responsible for the writing on that.

Well, we certainly work with them on the story bible, but they have Hollywood script writers. They're not just gonna let me sit and write a movie. But the movie's on hiatus right now. They need to sort out the finances, the politics of it. It's really common in the movie industry for would-be competitors to cooperate on products, and you add a studio and a big corporation like Microsoft in the mix and it's really complicated. I personally wish that we kept up the momentum with the movie so that I could see it next year. That's not going to happen. But technically the movie is still a work in progress that will happen one day so we're just waiting until everything's right and all our ducks are in a row to make it happen properly.

Are Microsoft, and Peter Jackson as producer, still wedded to Neil Blomkamp as director? That was one of the problems that the financiers had.

That was one of the rumors. It's a lot more complicated than that. But Neil Blomkamp is still working really closely with Peter Jackson. Honestly, I'd be really curious to see what Neil Blomkamp -- if you've seen any of his shorts -- what he could do with the physicality of the Master Chief. Seeing the Master Chief in video games is one thing; he's running around with guns and rocket launchers. I'd like to see him taking out some trucks bare-handed, clambering across rooftops, leaping from building to building, in a way that you can only really do in a movie. You can take such artistic liberties with the gameplay elements, that I think Neil Blomkamp would be able to do something fantastic but I literally don't know if he would be the director who made the movie eventually. I have no idea.

He's certainly an interesting choice, a unique choice.

As a director, he certainly speaks to the militaristic, realistic sort of anachronstic almost, human element that we have in the game. If you look at Halo, you'll see that human technology in the 26th century is barely changed from the 21st. I think he'd be able to do some really interesting things with atmosphere as well as with action.

Sounds like theres hope after all.... but not anytime soon :roll:
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I can see teh GoW movie coming out long before halo and rocking ass, then the halo movie piss through creation to catch up to GoW
Dont worry you will all have a great movie to watch over and over again really soon. Well its a few months away.

But i agree your looking at 09 or 10 before production begins.
I can see early 2009, because it will take about a year of vigorous work, maybe a year and a half, and then it will get settled with the finance by the end of this year...
i say by august all the stupid financial stuff will be done by march next year casting will be done and the movie will have started filming. and it will be just like '300' but with a bigger set. i hope. theres not really any way to make it.
I give it 6 months to a year after halo 3 launches until the finances are settled. and I hope its no just like 300, that would make it corny and stupid. they need character development, not just one big battle sence between the flood( there there is any ) covenent, and the usnc
Guys i hate all this speculations but, DONT EXPECT A MOVIE SOON!!!

When hollywood gets in legal battles it doesnt get resolved for a long time.

THe Hobbit is still in the air.
Spy Hunter is still in the air.
It took forever for Fantastic 4.
It took forever for Batman and 4 years for SUperman.

All im saying is leave it alone. GO out and make your own movies.
i didn't mean just like 300 with only fighting. i mean lots of green screened back rounds. i hope this financial thing is resolved quickly. i don't think it will be i just hope it will be. but i cant wait for a halo movie all the games are good enough for me right now.
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