Free 3D editor for pep 3ds files

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I just discovered something.

There is a free 3D editor called Google Sketchup, you can find it at:

This program will IMPORT 3ds files used by Pepakura but will only EXPORT (not Save) in GOOGLE Earth 4 KMZ format.

Peakura will IMPORT these KMZ files. This provides a roundabout way to edit the files.

Hope this helps.

yes, that and metasequoia is also free, you can find registration codes online, which allow you to save in a wide range of formats.
just google metasequoia :)
also if your feeling adventurious(spellcheck) you can try 'gmax'. its like 3ds max (by the same ppl infact). its free and available from do a quick search on the site

i think you might have to register or something but its no big deal. also alot of the halo 2 models are available in 3ds/obj format there.
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