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Hey Ya'll! I'm still alive! Got another model for ya.....

The MA5B Assault Rifle from Halo CE!!!


This model is made with LEDs in mind for the flashlight, foregrip power indicator, and with light piping to the Ammo counter!

Happy printing!
I modified files from to make life sized, 3D printable versions of all 6 kanohi masks worn by the toa mata in Bionicle. Each mask has the inner stud removed to make wearing more comfortable, has been scaled up, and has been made manifold.

mata render.PNG

mata render back.PNG
Hello everyone! Attached you'll find a pre-sliced Halo Reach Plasma Rife up scaled in definition from the game asset .obj available in the armory from Art Andrews and Chernobyl! I've included a PDF with some info and tips to hopefully help anyone looking to print. Overall this is a fairly easy model to work with and minimal supports are needed. While mine is not in a finished state, here's a look at the fully printed product, enjoy!


  • Upscaled Reach Plasma
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M6D pistol I remixed from jon0vdb (From the Brink Studios)'s Halo 3 pistol on Thingiverse
The slide pulls back, the magazine comes out when toggled with a button, and the trigger moves
For some reason I can't log into my account to add it, so I'll just include the fixed trigger model in this message


  • trigger_combined.stl
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