Free Plans (air soft mini guns etc)


I try to keep up with the old ( web site from time to time where i got my airsoft mini gun plans a while back. Well i got a email in my mailbox earlier where they had updated the site so i went to check it out. There is a notice that all plans are now free. The new site is Killbucket is the name of the guy who use to run the airsharp site and has now retired on making the guns but kept selling the plans. Well not he has all the plans up for free. The were never really expensive. 5 bucks per plan or 30 bucks for all. So grab what you need while you can. I know killbucket retired out now so they may be up a few years or just a few months.
Hey, I remember Killbucket from Airsoft Retreat! The guy was an absolute master, I always wondered where he went. Thanks for the link!