Fuel Rod Gun

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thought id go ahead and post some pictures of were i am since im already on photobucket

fuel rod gun





the x-mas lights are powered by an 18v battery that also serves as a handle so save weight

this thing is already hefty at 7lbs
7lbs wow. looks nice. You're on a great roll with these things. KEEP IT UP!

EDIT: topic moved. Thanks mm, just want to keep this organized. Nice foot in pic 3 btw :mrgreen:
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-they should change your post title :dee:

MM, your an Inspuration to everyone here aobut how the little dreams can bloosm into amazing results. I really think you should try to make a cardboard tutorial for the little guy, would be a great serivce.

Keep up the fantastic work, cant wait to see it all done. :treasure:
I dont really have the patience to make a tutorial.


im pretty much doing it as i go

i forgot to add, without the battery so far it weighs around 1 - 1/2 lbs
thats one big battery. too bad you do not have a person that can mirror what you are making so they can be your oath brother or whatever they are called
aren't the hunter pairs mates for life or something ?

and i heard they are made up of eels, not worms

i hear alot of stuff

Dam son, that is some very nice work you got and seems your doing it with speed too. Keep it coming :mrgreen: ,dieing to see it finished

Side note, with those lights on cardboard, make sure of no fires. Dont wanna loose it all :dee:
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