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Just to let everyone know, this topic will be used for posting full tutorials of pep designing, resining, painting, visor

installation, and otherwise For those who seek help or otherwise in creation of armor or just for tips.. all full tus must be

appropriate, so look out all of you who post irrelevent tuts or posts to this topic. thank you !

Are you serious? This isnt even the pep section, the pep section is packed with tutorials, the wheel was invented, so it doesnt need to be reinvented.
no... you see? what we got here is a failure to communicate. this is for all tuts.... ALL! All tuts, not just responses and stuff

like that, but ALL will be tuts. other stickies show incomplete tuts, or just parts of tuts, and some noobs (like me) don't

understand those ones, so this topic was created so that users can create fully understandable tuts for even the most new

users to this forum :)

We dont need a area for tutorials, we already have a tutorial area, 1 for molding, 1 for pep, 1 for weapons.
But don't you see? this topic is meant for full, UNDERSTANDABLE tuts; for those who aren't quite familiar with some of the

more sophisticated ones.

We need another tutorial section when nubs wont even look at it, the tutorial section is easy to find and easily ignored.
I think I'm just going to close this. We know there needs to be full tutorials made - everyone is doing their best to help each other out. It takes a lot of effort to make a tutorial.
Not open for further replies.