Funny Picture Thread (Pic heavy)


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Cause we can. Can be of pics you took yourself (preferred) or just something funny you found; halo related or not.

I'll share my first two. :3

Screen cap of one of my youtube vids. Not SUPER funny (if at all), but I chuckled (once) at the 'concept' behind it.
(Yes... I screen shot it at the part where I 'show off' my crotch... for the lawl... and cause I can. shhh)


This is an actual place in my city... I lol'd hard.... I plan on going back there when I finish mine and my bf's suit to sarcasm get some training and become a REAL Noble via Noble Academy. /sarcasm



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Lol, its like that WITN costume contest that I won $100 USD at.

Some guy was herbert the pervert from family guy. Im the spartan behind the ancient greek spartan, right behind him.
I believe it is still on youtube.

Anyway I was the 117th view XD


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Don't know if videos are allowed in this thread, but this is just too funny to pass up XD!!

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