Funny Story, Best buy.

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Hi everyone Im about to do my homework right now :mad: :mad: :mad: , but heres what happened to me today at bestbuy.

So i walk into bestbuy, everything has Halo 3. Unfortunately i was rampaging through every store in town for a Wii. I go and look for the nitendo aisle. Once i find it i look throught....Nitendo DS, Nitendo Accescories, and WII! YAY. 2 in stock its my lucky day! Too bad it didn't turn out lucky. I forget my wallet, so i go outside to my step dad's car. Get my wallet, and go back inside. Go back to the Nitendo Aisle too Wii. Guess what GONE! I go ask the manager heres my response.

"DUDE you were so close man, a guy just came in and bought the 2 Wiis."

"WHY would he NEED 2 Wiis?!?!??!"

"I dunno *Chuckles*"

"Dude you have a very sick mind."

*leaves store*

Well there you go, now time to do historical fiction book report and 2 chapters of Math. :mad: :mad:
I thought the ads said 1 per customer, no way 1 man bought 2, probably 1 guy attracted the attention of another.

I almost bought my wii today for 200 flat, I get store discount since my dad works at meijers, 15 per store, lucky me, 30 people at the store at 4 am and bought what wii's were left. We called every store in a 50 mile radius, found one right by where I was going to go today, then I hear on the phone "Oh sorry someone just bought it, I'm scanning it right now"

Lucky me my dad works at a meijers, he knows when wii's come in our store, he can get one for me the night they restock. (he never knew i wanted one so he never spoke up lol)

Should I get a ps3 or a wii, wii seems good, but the ps3 is good too......I want both, but which to buy first, both have games I want, both I can afford right now, but I'm not blowing a chunk of my savings on both right one now, get other later...but which....ps3, you get free demo's movie trailers, and free internet browsing, and it plays blue rays on the cheap, then wii, it's fun, and theres free goodies once in a while, and it comes with wii sports...but then the ps3 will come with spiderman 3 when the 40 gig is out...

oh the confusion...
a1200 said:
this smells like an opld revived post to me

Well since both posts were posted yesterday, I doubt that.

I have a wii... not that impressed really, it takes a short while for the gimmick to wear off then where are you left? I haven't really seen any game I HAVE to have for wii.
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im betting hes gonna sell it on ebay :mad:
the little basterd!
i was gonna save up for a 360 but im not sure id get that much... maybe i'll find a WII... and if i thought of it id sell it to you XD
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