Funny story for Daughtry fans...

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If any of you are big Daughtry fans, then you know that before he went to American Idol, he worked at Crown Honda in Greensboro, NC. I was cleaning out my wife's car (a 2002 Civic that was bought from Crown Honda) that just got "passed down" to me because we got a Jeep that she now drives... Anyway, she kept every receipt from having it serviced in the glove box. So as I'm looking through them I found one that said "Serviced by: Christopher A. Daughtry"...

Anyone think that piece of Daughtry pre-fame memoribilia would fetch anything on ebay?\

To top that off, my wife went to high school with Daughtry's drummer, Joey Barnes.


Some paper that says a name...

I guess it would be worth something. Not much because its possible it could be forged. I mean Im not saying you did, im just saying that some stuff you find on ebay is forget handwriting, or fake recipts or something, so you may need to prove it.
But yeah, it could fetch like 20 bucks or something.
I have no idea, I dont even know who the guy is.


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maybe. we got some old records that im about to start seling XD heck. anyone would anything off ebay. theres a piece of bread hat supposebly has Jesus' face on it... on ebay ;)


I guarantee you someone will want it. People collect just about anything, so a service ticket's not out of the question.
What I think would be funny is if you sent him an email saying that he worked on your car and you think that he needs to come adjust something. heh.
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