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Its funny how no one even seems to look at the blogs. Its funny how I look back at my posts from years ago and realize how immature I was back then. Regardless I feel slightly shaky about going back and doing armoring again. I'm just posting my mind here to calm me down, but tomorrow I will buy some hotglue and a new glue gun since I have lost my other glue guns. Then I am going to print out my first piece in a long time,and that piece will be some part of a Halo 3 marine's armor. Before I was not good at making armor, but now I feel I can be so much more patient and such. Hopefully within two to three weeks I will have a thread started and a few parts of my suit pepped and possibly resined and fiberglassed. Though with the weather here I will never know. Three weeks ago it was in the 80s and this week its in the 30s-50s. I hope this turns out well because if it does I will make a ODST. Wish me luck.
It is funny the things that we say when we're younger. Hope to see some pics from you in the future. Just remember, if you aim at nothing you'll hit it everytime. :)


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Kidding. I do know how wonky weather can be though, so good luck with that! I look forward to watching the progress.
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