FYI, Some Buttclown is trying to "sell" the blue flame on eBay


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Just please, for the sake of keeping my faith in humanity, plz don't buy one from him. I find it disturbing that it already has one claimed sale

ebay name: 201peanuts


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just so nobody has to ask how to get it. login in to and it will be on the main page, then once you have it activated, go into your armory in game and equip it.


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Now that everyone has the blue flame id rather keep my normal one, as ive only seen 23 other players that have it, out of the millions of people ive played with, that will all have blue flames.


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"If everyone's special, no one is."

OP's post made me lawl... "for the sake of keeping my faith in humanity".... More like "for the sake of you're own intelligence and gullibility". lol Whoever gets suckered into buying one is dumb. lol