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    Hi friends -
    After a "short" break to sort my life out, I'm back and itching to get to work on a new ODST suit.

    I love my current ODST but being Military personnel, it's not the most security conscious.
    Here is my build thread if you're curious - Mesh's ODST BDU Mk2 (Camouflage MTP)

    So this time, I've decided to do one of those super accurate, super fancy builds.

    -I'll be using 6mm EVA Foam from a local supplier (https://www.thecosplayforge.co.uk/), and Contact Cement to provide smooth and tight seams.
    -Templates will be taken from the 405th archive.
    -I already have a 3d Printed helmet - so that's done.
    -I also have a 3d printed grenade made by the ever talented kaween.
    -I'll be making a M392 DMR using thin sheets of Plywood, and layering them using Sliced Templates I have. (IIRC, They're on the File Archive.)
    -I also hope to make a Magnum in this style, but this will be the classic Magnum opposed to the ODST magnum.
    -I'll be using a Black set of Combats as my undersuit, but where I can I shall be replicating sections of the real undersuit.

    As this is my first 'faithful' build - Has anyone got any tips that will come in useful?
    I'm mostly looking for strapping and mounting tips, mobility, and endurance.

    I will also be using this initial post as a recap on future posts I make however the actual future posts will hold more detail and will be worth checking back on (Hopefully!)

    (I won't be able to start this build for a week or two, so any tips before then are gonna be great)

    Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy my progress!
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    One bit of advice I can give is use the ODST shoulder base templates found in the pep section of the ODST files. Just cut the tabs off the templates and it's instantly foam friendly. Just bevel the foam to help give it a curve to fit your shoulders. Mount you shoulder armour onto the base and then using snaps or velcro attach it to your undersuit. It will hold it in the right place and you won't have to worry about it sliding down.
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    I will be sure to follow your progress closely. I'm debating on an ODST build for my next project. Good luck!
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    Welcome back to the forums good sir, you've been missed but we've kept your seat warm.

    Tips for a faithful build are start digging up reference photos and see if you can get into some of the Weta Workshop behind the scenes images for when they were making ODST suits for Landfall. They had some * fine rigging and I'd say they're one of the most solid foundations to build off of.
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    Okay, so my Foam has arrived! This is 4m² of 6mm thick EVA Foam, and it only cost me about £25! I'm hoping this should be enough, but I know it's super cheap so I can easily buy more.

    I unfortunately don't have more of an update right now as I've been a bit busy with work - but now this is here I can start on the smaller things! :D
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