Gaddaffi dead: New time for Libya

Who's going to step in and take over? The UN? Could they possibly post foreign troops until a stable government is established and working, and how long would that take? What do the rebels actually stand for? Was this even the optimal time to depose of him?

I'm not against Gaddaffi's removal, but these are just some of the questions I'm left with. Depending on what the rebels stand for and want to do with the country, maybe Gaddaffi was the lesser of two evils, but we won't know that for a long time. Now that the Libyans are free, which is something most of them haven't experienced, what do they do with it? They don't know anything other than Gaddaffi's rule. I for one hope that there isn't too much foreign presence or intervention, the Libyans should start sorting their own country out instead of someone doing it for them. JMO.


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