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To whoever has the power to change this. The elite armor reference section of the gallery needs a little improvement in the way of organization. If you can, please make it a little more like the spartan armor reference gallery so that every permutation has its own gallery for posting. This way, all of the armor permutations aren't all jumbled together in one place. Thank you for your time and if this topic is posted in the wrong section of the forums; please inform me and I'll take it down and move it wherever it needs to go.

Edit: The weapons section looks like it could use a little help too.
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nah the weapon section is fine but the elit section just hasnt been updated cus we havent gotten any refrence pics up yet :D
patience os a vurtue... so is lazyness :cool:
Yeah every things been messy lately. But the "Great Divide" (anyone recognize the halo reference?) aka separating the noobs has helped a little.
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