GameType Idea (halo 2-halo 3)

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Ok i have this really cool gametype called:

"Lazer Tag"(halo 2) Everyone gets senitel beams, no shields 1 life perferred map: Lockout. Everyone cannot shoot until they get to the middle. Once everyone is there one person will count down from ten. once at 0 everyone starts shooting! Last Person Standing WINS!(same for halo 3 uncept with spartan laser and you acually hide.) or you can hide if the host says you can.
Sounds chaotic! Me like! ;]
I guarantee you there'd always be someone not following the countdown rule though.
well you can always boot that person. ;-) im building left bicep only people who get to see pics when im done are people (you know).but ill show it to everyone 2 days later =]
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