Gears of war 2 help!


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Ok well I haven't played gow2 cuz it was thought to be broken but I got it to work and I started to play it and then one day my friend came over and as soon as his memory card touched my xbox all my stuffs gone it says that I have to get all my achievements even though I have all of em does anyone know how to fix it also I did change storage device back in forth from my mem card to my hard drive.thank you for your time


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I had this happen to me with ODST. Basically it was because I had recovered my account elsewhere and forgot to recover it onto my xbox. I started to play and got halfway done with achievements before I went online, I had to recover my account to my xbox again and when I was done I had lost all the achievements I had done inbetween.


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Recover your account. Your achievements cannot be deleted if you signed up on Xbox-Live because they're literally locked into the online history. So if you're account gets corrupted such as achievement deletion then recover your account and delete the old one.