Getting Started With EVA Foam


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Hello Everyone!

I just got into this community and am looking to create a suit of halo armor because I think it would be a really cool project that I could work on in my off time. I have a helmet that I'm having a buddy 3d print for me but otherwise I want to make the armor out of EVA foam. I was looking through the armory and decided that I wanted to make a Mark V armor set (because I really loved the Reach game and because my helmet is the Scout/Jun Helmet). So, naturally, I downloaded Pepakura and the files in the armory for foam. I then loaded up the files just to take a look at everything (not planning on starting anything yet) and realized that I had no idea where to begin. I looked up a couple tutorials that gave me a rough sense of how to do some stuff but none of it was as helpful in terms of what I should do for my build. There were concepts like beveling and making lips for other parts to sit on, and I was a little familiar, but didn't know where to put my own or utilize them, and realized that it seemed a little complicated. I was wondering if anybody had any tips or helpful videos making any of this stuff that I could use as resources. I would love to make some detailed armor and I don't want this to be a roadblock. Thanks for anyone's time that views and responds to this!
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