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I have decided today that I am going to make my own ghost. It will be high quality. I am going to make it mobile,so feel free to give me some ideas as to how you would go about this. And do you think this is a good idea.
Maybe you could use a motorcycle frame or something... and then put 2 wheels in the front or something?
ssor106 said:
well a pocket dirt bike would be a little unstable i had one and TRUST me they are no good with weight
what else should I use instead of a pocket bike. I think that a golf cart may be too wide, because ghosts only have one seat, golf carts have two
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unless your a major mechanic i dont think your going to find much better because motorcycles are way to expensive
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If you good with steel jsut make the chassy from scratch and throw on a go kart engine. i know it takes work but it take time to make something good
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