Giving credit where credit is due!


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I'm not sure if anyone has ever noticed this but very few people are actually credited with the things they have done to further the community or help others in some way. I'm not saying its necessarily a issue, but I think there are alot of members who deal with way too much on this forum. You know maybe a "so an so has a nice model" and oh that's cool.

But how many have actually thanked them for doing it? some but not many, So I just want to start a list of things I'm thankful for on the 405th

To all the site Administrators and Moderators for not only making the 405th but KEEPing IT CLEAN.

To all the modelers who make it possible for any of us to do what we do, (on a more personal note I'd like to thank lexblueriver for his torso)

All of the unfolders need a round of applause , cuz lets face we're all too lazy to do what they do.

Not everyone uses it, but plenty do-so I want to thank the makers of the pepakura programs for making such a cool and simple program, That has led to many incredible projects.

And finally I want to thank all of the senior members of the 405th who help all of us, they put the time and effort in so that we all could one day be great.


These are the things that make this forum great!

And they probably wont read this, but I want to personally thank Skullcandy girl (who im pretty sure doesnt even get on here anymore) for doing the indymogul thing that got me started in this.
Belakor, Longshot-x, "Spase" and Hyokenseisou for dealing with my questions and such. Oh and acenat Who's models I have used


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Great idea for a thread. It shows how respectful the community can be, i like your ODST reference.

My thanks to Xtreme tactics for helping me when i first joined. He gave me tons of help and advice.


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My thanks goes out to ventrue, who is always there to answer everyone's questions.

And Nintendude, for his ripped models and 3d models, and for all of the community activities he sets up.

There are obviously so many more that I have forgotten, but these two just stood out when I read this thread.


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What a awesome thread!

My thanks to -

Nintendude - for helping me with SO many tips and tricks over the years

Bobba Fett - For being a awesome guy and peping several helmets for me

and to all the members who guided me to make me the proper I am today

The Unity Project team who , without them, I wouldn't have been able to make it happen-

Sir Tsaboc
and Liard , for bearing with the SLOW updates on the helmet

- Jacob


I would like to thank the modelers and unfolders out there for giving the community great pieces to work with. Especially Rhinoc, Ruze 789, ForgedReclaimer, RoadWarrior, and L3X BLU3RIV3R.

I would also like to thank members of the community for creating a welcoming atmosphere and impressive builds that help inspire me. Standouts in this category for me are ACDCrockr209, AI Blue Fox, diaryboy, LilTyrant, RoxyRoo, and thorssoli.

Icon Props

Thanks to the bad as well as the great post:
You have shown me the better paths to take. Your mistakes & your trophys, each can be equally educational.

Heres to you: The offten over-looked & dismissed threads, the "what not to do-ers".


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I can't believe so many people have viewed this thread but so few have responded since its inception. The very least people can do when they get a free service is to thank that person, many people here do, but how many don't. How many people just take for granted that some one will eventually build the model they want and all they have to do is wait for it. I have read it here on many an occasion, a person rushing or demanding an update from a modeler. Being respectful does not mean that you are kissing some ones ______ it just means that you are being respectful. So thank you to the 405th community, the modelers, the site attendants, the unfolders, the admin, thanks to all the people who post new ideas for models. Thanks to the people who create the guides that help us achieve our goals. Thanks to every one with the patience explain things to people even though all they had to do was to use the search bar. I have contributed very, very little to a community that has given me so much, but I can say thank you in return.


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It's been 9 months since I posted my reply to this thread, and since then there have been several people I would like to add to that list. I would like to thank -

~All of the administrators and moderators for there work at upholding this forum.

~The 2012 Unity Team -

Sir Tsaboc


For his awesome tutorials and his helmet that was auctioned off for Child's Play Charity . Way to go man!

~All of the AMAZING Modelers, unfolders , and those active in the 3D modeling section , Especially -

Hugh Holder - Awesome ODST and Helghan models
KingRahl , Harnor , and all of the contributors on the Halo 4 Pepakura file thread
Satchmo III - For his awesome pepakura file portfolio

And finally ......

~All of the 'active' members on the forums who continue to inspire us all to create new, amazing builds and continue to help each other out . Thanks fellow 405th members!

And thank you Dh748 . Thank you for creating this thread to recognize those who make this community AWESOME!



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The heck with it, it's almost borderline necro, but I want to give a shout out. I first want to thank all of the members who have put up with my bull, I can be a real pain sometimes. But to those who have spent the extra time to help me out, in my sorry plight to build armor, I first want to thank Adam Grumbo and all the mods who do more for us than we realize. Spitfire, thanks for the awesome guide, it has summed up pep in a very detailed way. Carpathia, thank you for taking responsibility to take up the mentor program. HyperBallistik and Blackula, y'all are awesome friends, and are awesome peppers! All the people who have explained pep to me and given me moral support, thank you. and to all of my Hazop brothers, y'all are awesome! ACDCRocker, for keeping me in line. and all the other members, we are here for a purpose: Honor, Armor, Unity. Thank you all, we are the 405th.
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It's funny how this thread ALMOST dies, then someone comes along and saves it. I'm glad people are using it atleast! I figure the more...nostalgic and thankful members use this.... I don't want to exactly sound arrogant in my experience, but noobs now-a-days are somekinda way! compared to when I showed up at least. They swoop in get the stuff then swoop out, it's actually sad how many projects never make it anymore, used to be many at a time. Now you're lucky finding one that has a regular update on it. Like I said to begin with (let's end this a bit more positive), I thank those that I have received help from, you know who you are, there's just too many to mention! I wish I was here earlier!


Wow... just read the first post, and couldn't agree more. A lot of people put a lot of work into this site for everyones benefit with little or no thanks. Very few people would be able to do any of this without the community at large. So thanks to all who make my geekiness possible :)


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This may sound cheesy, but I want to thank every last one of the members here on the 405th. The reason is because everyone works hard to learn from one another, and help one another when they can. There is a lot of respect throughout the forums, and we are growing as like a big family. :)
I love this place.
Thanks everyone, from the bottom of my heart.



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It never ceases to amaze me that even in the midst of such a cool thread you still have crap like this show up. Take your spam and go eat it some where else cause we don't want any!!!:p

Now back on topic....

This was and still is a great idea for a thread. There are far to many people that go unnoticed here daily that put in quite a bit of work behind the scenes. To all the mods and admins on the 405th, thanks for doing the best you can. I know walter "spase" just recently put in quite a bit of work getting the site back to working condition.

Also, to those who have contributed so much to the site in the way of tutorials like Blackula727 with his super visor how to, Cereal Killler with the ultimate master chief how to, and marshon with his amazing cardboard weapon tutorials. Thanks so much to you all. And even those who I didn't mention, you know who you are.

Modellers, you guys are a God send. Without you we wouldn't be anywhere near where we are today. That's the very life blood of a pep file. I don't know all of you but some that stick out to me are...rundown, jtm1997, L3X BLU3R1V3R, dung0beetle, Satchmo III, etc. I know there are many others and I apologize but I can't remember all of you very talented people. You are all much appreciated!

To the great builders out there...thanks for putting out some very inspiring work for us all to learn from and try and live up to. People off the top of my head are Longshot X,, thorssoli, LilTyrant, RoxyRoo, HaloGoddess, Redshirt, macattack64, Timuche, and of course my good friends, Blackula727, hyperballistik, Tactonyx, Justinian 117, thorn696 and drack. You guys and gals are all awesome and thanks so much for doing what you do!!!

Thank you to all the new comers who have showed up, and stayed for more than to just get a pep file or two then hit the road. Keep on building because you guys are the ones who will be here even after all the vets step aside. You'll be leading a new group of 405er's into this great world of armor and prop building. A few of you that stand out to me are Spartan Devastator, Mstruvmgc, SpartanT117, Mflanny34, Toja, and Psquiddy, among many many others.

Thanks to those who help keep the site going on the front lines, who like to help out but also know when to tell you like it is. Spitfire22V, ventrue, and CoolC among others. Thanks for keeping it real guys!

And finally, thanks to Adam., because without him, the 405th probably wouldn't even be around as a forum for all of us to enjoy. Now, let's get out there and get back to building!:D