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Can you possibly buy that stuff in walmart? If so, how much does it cost and how much do you get?
Also can anyone show me the diffrences in simply painting and painting+glaze?
I bought mine at O'Reilly's, and I'm almost positive they don't sell it at Wal-Mart. It set me back $30 I think and got me 30 oz if I remember correctly.

I'll try to find some pics later, but check out Spase's helmet. (An alternative to Metal Glaze is fiberglass jelly, talk to DoC_ByTeS for that. They both seem to do the same thing.)
nope, they dont sell it at walmart. go to an ace hardware or an O'Reilly's store.

And yes, Spase's helmets are ALWAYS awesome
Dellusional Maniac said:
What is it exactly I need to be asking for,just glaze coating right?

To be exact, "Evercoat Metal Glaze"

It'll come in a white container with a wide teal ring in the middle.
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Is this glaze toxic like the resin? Something you need ID to buy, or is it just plaster or something? I actually have a bucket of plaster, could I use that instead and sand it down?
You could, but plaster is a motherblanker to sand without some power tools. Glaze is that stuff you put on donuts, that makes them so amazing, and able to hold all those toppings.
I dont know what these guys are talking about, but glaze is tasty.

Im not sure if the glaze im talking about is toxic or not. If it was, then its very tasty toxic.
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