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Hey Folks,

I just completed my helmet and Breastplate, but i made a huge noob mistake and made them the original scale (needless to say, I am not a 8 foot tall beast). So now I have a wonderful bust and the Master Chief and am back to the drawing board.

Back to my question. I did most of mine with superglue. I thought, hey there must be something easier so i tried Crazy glue that came with a brush and was purple (dried clear). This stuff was crap, it dried before I could put the brush back in the bottle. So DO NOT by the purple crazy glue unless you work at light speed. So here is my question to you

What glue do you use
2)Hot glue
3)wood Glue
4)Another amazing product that only the government knows about

Thanks for the answer and Thanks to everyone who has posted on this site, its really some amazing informaition everyone.
Go to any walmart or craft store and get a glue called tacky glue (you will find it in the craft area or sewing area of walmart). IT is easy to work with. Dries in a few seconds and does not burn your fingers. My problem with the hot glue is some resins released the glue in spots. Also a plus is the glue only costs about $3.00 and one bottle will do a whole set of armor. This glue was designed for projects with paper etc.

I just used straight up old school Krazy glue but it takes about one .07oz tube per piece. I might give that tacky glue a shot, if it really cures in 2 seconds.

The reason i went with Krazy glue was of the very fast dry time. It allowed me to average about 1 armor piece per hour (not including print/cutting time).
I started out using the rubber cement in the brown bottle with the brush on the lid. I liked that it was repositionable to get those joints perfectly aligned. Sticks pretty good too, but it is not permanent - especially on the tiny little triangle tabs.

Now I am using the low temp hot glue ($1.99 mini gun and $1.99 bag of sticks @ Hobby Lobby) It is definately permanent, its hot to the touch but won't blister skin.

But I miss the extra few seconds of work time i had with the rubber cement. Squirting out a dab of hot glue and putting down the gun in a safe place before the glue solidifies is sometimes a challenge.

I have a bottle of the tacky glue, I will have to give it a try.

- I used Super Glue, and nearly fused my fingers together.
- Then I used glue sticks, but they have a hard time on those little itty-bitty flaps.
- So then I switched to hot glue, and never looked back.
hot glue 4 life. it dries almost instantly, you can glue an entire piece in no time assuming you've pre-folded all the dotted lines. hot glue
I was using hotglue.. but read a suggestion by bikelomen about the tacky glue.. I kinda like it better because I can position it before the glue cures.. It gives about 30 secs to 60 seconds of play.. Once it cures, its pretty stiff.. Also, the clean up is easy with water... Hot glue gave me burns on my fingers and also the spider web effect where the thin glue flies all over the place like cob webs.. I also dropped some hot glue on my thigh, painful shizzle.. Not going back to that again... Oh, yeah the tackyglue cost 99 cents at a craft store (Joanne's craft/fabrics) Seattle area..
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