Going for the Mk.4 MJOLNIR

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Well, it's official: I'm going for the Mk.4 MJOLNIR Armor. Started the first concepts yesterday while I was at work and had nothing to do.

So here is the first drawing of the chest plate:


Full size: http://www.battlegroundaeon.com/mk4/mk4_chestfront.jpg

Still some details to add. But I think it's a good start.

Becoming Daniel-258 for next year's "Fastnacht" in february (Well...carnival, you know: ppl walking around in town like clowns, cowboys, nurses.... etc...) sounds like fun. And I'm not the only one... a friend of mine will join the fun as a UNSC marine. Perhaps I'll find a second one to join us. Since I have no girlfriend at the moment...there is no Cortana...but I'm workin' on it :mrgreen:
Great job!!!! Keep up the fantastic work and thanks for sharing this will all of us! looking forward to seeing how the project turns out!
It's been a while since I posted my drawing of the chest armor and since then -sad to say this- no progress. After months with a lot of things to do (family, work, designing scenery for FS2004 and many other things), I finally hope to continue with my armor.

Actually I'm in some kind of predicament: I like the bulky design of the Mk.4 really much, but some details of the unlockable armors in Halo 3 are also interesting (especially helmet designs). So maybe it won't be a 100% accurate Mk.4, but a mixture of different armor types from Halo. I'll see how the drawings will turn out.

I'll try the pepakura way, since I'm using Cinema 4D for about four years and it allows exporting 3ds files. So... back to my drawing plate and I'll keep you informed.
Pep can import .obj's, that way you don't have to dirty yourself by using Max file types at all :)
C4D ftw :)
Started with the helmet, but I don't have my "modelling a helmet days" at the moment. So I went on with designing the upper arm armor parts.


Full size

Some details to add, but it's a good start I think.

For the mods: Since this thread is really old (and we had no "Molded" and "Pepakura" Forums then) and I'll do the pepakura-reinforced-with-glasfibre way, I'm not sure if this is the right subforum. So feel free to move it. Thanks.
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