Going to attempt a Special Ops Sangeheli Elite


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Hello peoples. I Densie and I'm new to the 405th and have decided that I am going to attempt to make a Special Ops Sangheili Elite. I have decided on this lovely one because he's purple and that's my favorite color. I have made large costumes before so this is not that far from what I have done already.

I know that I can't wear digigrade stilts so I am going to try and figure out something to approximate the look of their stance. If anyone has any brilliant ideas on this I would love to hear from you :). I have platform boots that I am going to use to get close to the height. Thankfully they have big feet so it will be easy enough to hide the boots. With the head raised slightly over mine that should get me close to 7 ft. I am thinking of making the armor out of Komatex, It has a higher flex when heated than Sintra and is also lighter. The under suit with "body parts" I am still puzzling that one out.

I plan on having this completed by our local (relatively) Expo in Calgary on April 2023 so this will be a slow build.

I have not had the motivation to work on a costume since Covid hit so I am very happy to have found something that has sparked that costuming need in me.
Furries to the rescue. I googles Degigrade alternatives and of course a bunch of furry posts popped up, they were very useful!
This is how I think I'm going to solve that stance problem. I will tinker with it and see if it works as well as I hope it does.

Well it has been a while. I have not abandoned my elite just taken a while to get it started. I have started the feet today. Pulled the pep files from the armory and have the templates all cut out. I need this ready for our area convention which is only 3 months away so at this point time is of the essence. Some day I will start a costume that is not a rush to get finished (yeah right no one believes you). I will post pics when there is something worth while posting until then please send me any costuming juju you can spare.
Best of luck with the build Mommabear!
3 months is quite the time crunch.

I’m excited to see how you tackle the unique challenges that come with a sangheili build (feet, hands, head)
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