Gonna Make ODST Armor

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Does some1 like ODST? I do. I want to make their Armor. I gonna try to make the armor. And if some1 know how to make a BR then plz tell me. I maybe will get done in August or September. When im done i will put up some pics. I Will also put som pics when im makin it. :mrgreen:
me too, I'm planning on building a suit, but my construction won't start until more H3 footage comes out, since I'm making the Halo 3 version of the armor. Good luck ;-)
heres a pic of my armour so far with my BR (i know its not ODST(what does ODST stand for?))

if you need any help with the BR then just pm me....... ok..... its not the best.....but itl do........
Damien said:
lol i have the same airsoft scope. (but not on my BR)
hmmm i got my scope off my heckler &coch G36 airsoft.... its got a red cross when you turn it on :p, same?
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What do u guys use to make helmet MC-helmet? Im not gonna do a MC helmet just asking. If someone wants to help me do the ODST armour fast then. Show me a vid how im makin like a MC helmet and what i need to make one. Plz anyone.
And... What is the easiest weapon to do: BR or SMG?
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Show me a vid how im makin like a MC helmet and what i need to make one. Plz anyone.

Show me a sandwich..... with ham and honey mustard.

The information on how to do this is ALL OVER THIS SITE! Why not look around and read it?
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I did Sean but ppl just saying what they used like: Glue and Cardboard and showing pictures when they makin it..
I wanna know how to make it with the hands. How to form it like a helmet.
Im only 12. So help plz...
cut the pieces out, score the lines, and fold them into a mountian looking fold if the line is - - - - - - or backwards in a valley shape if the line goes like -- - -- - -- - -- - --. Then find the matching numbers and glue them together. 15 to 15, 100 to 100 and so forth. Take your time, pre fold each piece and youll be fine. :D hope that helps
Hmm i thought about ODST Armour. And i gonna check the Halo 3 ODST Armor first and if it look cooler than the Halo 2 ODST armor then im makin the Halo 3 armor. Im just gonna wait now for ODST pictures.
instead of complaining how hard it is gonna be or howlong it is gonna take, or how to do it,
start with a small piece like the foot and hand or sometin. do that and see how long it takes. then you can get a rough idea of how long all the other pieces will take.

and i dont think there is a pepakura for and odst is there?
i dont know.
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