Goofing off in your armor?

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I know it is kind of off topic but we dont have an off topic forum.....? I'll start it here and if Adam feels like moving it go ahead.....

I am the kind of guy that likes to goof is a little proof.


Do you guys have any funny pictures?
I had a Holiday card that i sent out to a few friends on halloween 05 but the pic was lost when i had a computer crash. it was of me in my suit smashing a pumkin with my foot and it said "Happy Halo-ween!"
I'd love to see more of these kinds of pictures. Not underwear pics, but goofing off in armor pictures.
I took some quick pics at work one day. I didn't have my hood on under
the helmet, so you can see my face a bit. but it was just for laughs


Even a futuristic supersoldier can't resist the food special!


Plasma grenade Skee Ball is an enjoyable, yet shortlived game!

Happy Holidays all.

This is a picture of me 5 minutes after I recieved webshift's (of NA fame) Spartan Armor. I recieved it while stationed onboard the Amphibious Assult Ship LHD-2 Essex.

I was then rushed to the armory and posed with almost every weapon we had. I even touched a NUKE, but no pictures were allowed.

Not open for further replies.