Gorilla Goop??

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ok so my dad and his friend were talking about my armor and my dad's friend metioned something maybe called gorilla goop? i was wondering if anyone has heard about it.
If your talking about Gorilla Glue, that stuff SUCKS. It's not good for bonding items together (I tried to make a ghillie helmet-not a good thing) I would only use it for wood. Use hot glue instead.
i know what youre talking about but its best (in my mind) to just go through the agony and just use bondo. i feel its better in the long run.
but thats just me
Resin that has prechopped strand in it is like taffy.... it's pretty difficult to smooth out, and near impossible to apply neatly.
Just get Polyester Resin, and add the fiberglass in layers. Seriously it's much neater and easier to control.

The only this I could imagine using that BondoHair stuff for is reinforcement from the underside of your armor.
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