Gravity Hammer Build up

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Hi I just discovered this site the other day and it is very informative - I came late to the party as a Halo gamer - I never played 1 or 2 - only 3 but it is an awesome game and have become totally sucked into it. I decided to do a master chief costume for next halloween but I am not at all interested in making the armor - however I am attempting at making some of the weapon props. Yesterday I did a quick mockup of a 1:1 scale gravity hammer out of stuff I found lying in my attic plus a some additions from Home Depot. Sorry in advance for the large pics
here is the overall view - it measures 8 foot 8 inches

the "hammer" part is made up of cardboard and and old ab roller I destroyed for parts it is about 2 feet in length

Here is another view - Notice the space in the front - that is where the electronics will be housed for the LEDs

The pole is made up of plumbing pipe from home depot I used both 1 inch and 3/4 inch with the adapters to space it out. The bottom pipe is 1"x10" the middle is 3/4"x36" the "handle" pipe is 3/4"x10" and the top pipe is 1"x24". It is heavy I'm guessing about 10 pounds. All the pipe and adapters cost me $25 from Home Depot. The handle pipe also has been wrapped with material from a cheapo samurai sword.


I know its not even close to accurate but since I have a year till next halloween I have plenty of time. Any suggestions for my build? Im thinking of sculpting all the detailed parts out of aves apoxie anyone familiar with this stuff? Also I have not figured out how I am going to attach the blade and hammer to the pole.
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