Gray Fox (MGS) WIP

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Ok so I have been working on a Gray Fox helmet for a couple of months now (not consecutive) and have a couple questions...

First off I'll say that I started with trying to do a prep that didn't go well so I made a clay model (with cheap clay). Then couldn't get it smooth enough so I made silicone/fiberglass mold and cast it in plaster. So right now I'm reshaping and trying to get everything perfectly smooth, symmetrical, and accurate to the original Metal Gear Solid for PS1.

In the end I'm going to make a mold of the plaster helmet and cast it in smooth cast 300




Trying to get it symmetrical and smoother

And even the last pic is a couple of days old so it looks completely different now. I just added more to the chin and sides and its drying. I'll update tonight.

Also I realize that I probably went about this all the wrong way but it's my second helmet so I'm still learning... the hard way.

My question is what should I do for the main light or his eye? Could I do one light or should I do a bunch of LEDS? And what could I use for the red bolts in the helmet? I was thinking small pieces of a reflector of some kind or something made of the same thing.

Some of my reference pictures.


I've never seen this helmet, then again I've never played metal gear solid, but its an awesome helmet. you got a lot done today, keep u p the good work.
Thanks, every night it ends up looking like a completely different helmet but tonight is the first time I have started to like what I see.




Ok I'm going to cut the eyes out and the dark lines tomorrow so if anyone sees a problem or mistake let me know. Sorry if the old lines are distracting. I also decided to go with the top dots.

I'm mainly worried about it looking symmetrical.
That's looking great! As for the single light, I would use a single LED, as it will look very bright on it's own, I imagine. Love to see a full costume of this!

The helmet looks very Symmetrical to me, so congrats on that! I will be following this thread eagerly to see how it looks when finished! Good luck!

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Nice! I've always loved MGS, from the very beginning, and I think this looks great so far!
Eagerly following this thread, for sure.


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looking good. wonder why you didnt cast it in fiberglass instead of plaster, would have been a lot easier to handle
looking good. wonder why you didnt cast it in fiberglass instead of plaster, would have been a lot easier to handle
I have been wondering the same thing hahaha, someone recommended plaster because I could get the round smoothness I was looking for which I did but now the line work is a mess hope to get it right later today. I cut the lines yesterday but the plaster chip like crazy so now I'm trying to fix that with out completely filling in the lines.
OK I fixed the lines still one or two chips to fix but it's looking much better starting to become very happy but I still need help on the light or the big red eye....
Here is Omi Gibson in her Gray Fox helmet (My goal is to out do her). I have been looking at the eye piece.... orginail she has a light covered with a red piece of paper but if you look at the last couple of pictures she re did the helmet and it has a really nice light in it.
Any ideas where I could find such a light??? I have been looking around Radio Shack didn't have anything that big, and online I can't find anything close to how perfect that is...


This is where I'm at I filled in all the chips but I need to sand down the spots I filled in.

But please don't over look my post above I really need help with the light thanks ;)
Looking better with every post! The one small criticism I have is that the chin isn't prominent enough. Other than That it's looking pretty perfect now!
I kind of see what you mean, I guess I have just been worried about making it huge like Omi did (I don't like how prominent she made it). Maybe the problem isn't that its to small but that the mask should curve in more from the eye down to the chin.. looking at the concept art. Any thank you very much for your input I want as much criticism as I can get, makes the project look that much better.
The jacket and the mold Fox Helmet/P8210375.jpg
First time I ever pored plastic, it was a disaster Fox Helmet/P8220376.jpg
In more than one way Fox Helmet/P8220380.jpg

Lol so that was my first attempt epic failure then I tried again on sunday and had a much better result. Fox Helmet/P8220383.jpg Fox Helmet/P8220385.jpg

Now I know it looks good on the computer but there is still about 5 spots that where either to flat or the mold had a bump and created dents.... so I have been learning how to bondo... another first in the seemly never ending attempt at a perfect (or at least close) Gray Fox helmet. :D I am getting really really close the bondo getting me really close.


If you click Advanced Edit instead of Edit it works.

Nice to see this shaping up!! So are these plastic casts from the same mold, or did you do a new mold with the plaster? The side view pics look really good but, judging from your front views, I would agree with what others have said about the chin, the jawbone area is a bit wide so I would suggest just either filing down the jaw a bit on both sides, or adding a tiny bit more elongation to taper it more to a point.

As for your red light and the red bolts, I'm considering a similar dilemma with the green circles that I'll eventually need for my Samus suit, and I think there are a couple of things you could do. Craft stores sell red glass and plastic beads that you can back with a LED. If you can't find a red one with the right shape and size you're going for, you could also find any other object that's about the right shape and size, make a mold of it, and cast it in clear casting epoxy (also available at craft stores) with some red pigment. Keep in mind that I don't know if that will actually work.

This is looking really good, keep it up!!
It sounds like a good idea! Is epoxy clear enough?

Sorry about the confusion the last two cast were plastic. The reason the jawbone area is so wide is because I had to make it a bit thicker than the game just to get my head in there.
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