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Hello everyone,
My name 's Matt, Just wanted to introduce myself, it's possible i have run into some of you on other forums, i use the same screen name.

Just wanted to say that some of the work you have all done so far is just terrific, and i have alot of respect for people that can do this type of thing.
I'm not new to costuming but i am new to making it myself. I have always been a big fan of the ODST guys ever since i played through halo 2 when it came out, and seeing those two short trailers just a short while ago brought back my love of the armour. Unfortunately i am one of the sad people who don't own a 360, but have to wait until one of his friends pities him and lets him borrow the game to play through, hehe.

Anyways, i'm from Brisbane in Australia, and one of my friends has been making the master chief with this Pepakura program i keep hearing about everywhere. So i watched,d got interested, and then Luke tells me the printer i own is capable of printing this stuff out. That sold me, so here i am, introducing myself and asking for any assistance you can all give me to get things started. My aim is to have the ODST suit fully ready and finished, battle rifle included by April next year for one of our big cons.

Any help with everything would be muchly appreciated, good to be here :) :)
hey mate, nice to see another Aussie.
i myself have just started a Mark VI helmet. i will post a few pics up when I've finished the paper part.
hope u get to finish the fight soon lol :lol:
Hey I'm a ODST in progress too, only problem is I stopped to solve a problem........the armor doesnt fit my neck, I trimmed it, scaled it right, but the problem is the shoulder pads curve in, my neck wont fit through the pads, so I have the bend the cardstock slightly for it to fit perfectly, but after it aint gonna bend, so....thats where I'm stuck...gotta cut the pads off I guess, velcro to the rescue.
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