Greetings & Re-Introduction


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Hello, 405th!

I hope everything is going well, despite the hack-attack.

So, introductions. My name is Zara Schmidt. I lived in a small town in New York State for the first 18 years if my life, and am currently living in Germany. (I'll explain that later.) I plan to study mechanical engineering at Clarkson, then hopefully get a job as roboticist.* (Also, yes, I really am a girl. This can be verified through facebook. XD )

I started a thread a million years ago, intent on making my own Iron Man suit of armor. However, this was a failure, and honestly, I really cringe when I look at those pictures. That was a pretty crappy build. I want to do better than that!

I've been away from the site for quite a while, and I haven't made any progress on any suits. However, I plan to amend that. (Relatively soon.)

Right now, my situation is a bit interesting. I was selected for a "scholarship" of sorts between our Congress and that of Germany to be an intern in the field of my choice. Only 25 people are chosen in the US each year, so it's a pretty important thing. I left on the 29th of June for Washington D.C. Two days after that, I flew to Bonn, DE. I stayed in Bonn for seven weeks, and have since been transferred to my final destination, Lauf. It's a beautiful place! I'll be here until June of 2011.

Obviously, I won't be doing a whole lot of glassing until I get back. However, I've downloaded all the pep files I've gotten my hands on. (And that's a lot!)

I hope to start a cardboard version of "Rescue" from Iron Man, but no guarantees. Maybe if enough people nag, I'll actually accomplish d\something. (-:

So, until then, or until I update this: Auf Wiedersehen!

P.S.: You can find me on DeviantArt, too. My username is "ZaronianWarCaptain".

*It annoys me that "roboticist" still isn't accepted by spellcheck as a real word... )-: Asimov would have been disappointed.


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Hey Zara,
Congrats on the scholarship. I also am trying to build an iron man suit. I found files on the different helmets but I am having trouble finding any files on any other parts of the body. I would appreciate your assistance in getting to some suit files. I look forward to seeing some pictures of your work. What will be so cool is you can build a robot to put the suits on. Good luck to ya.