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I want to make some simple frag grenades out of clay then and do that whole mold process. Is anyone interested in these because i would be willing to make some and sell.
papamurf812 said:
Army surplus stores have grenades that look a lot like the Halo ones and they sell em for like 5 dollars.

I take it they sell them without the explosives? :D
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I personally like a little mass in my props. It makes them feel and seem more authentic. Especially when they're deactivated grenades. :D
pacbury said:
frag grenades are a real type of grenade so it shouldn't be to hard to find a similar one
No. Halo Frag grenades are made up.
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lol at ares

what you could do is make a mold of one. you would have tio make it without the pin of course the cut a hole in the middle
and stick and m-80 in that beotch.
runn arround like an idiot scream firee in the hole then throw next to someones house.

good times.
And why would you do that?

M-80s are too weak. Get some real gunpowder, or better yet, C4 if you have a demo license (which I don't, but meh)
Other than that, your best bet would be to buy a surplus one and make a mold off it or just craft it out of clay.
just be sure if you get some deactivated grenades that you play a trick on your family first. one time my dad had this box of deactivated grenades, boy did he scare the crap out of me with those...
Deactivated grenades would work extremely well in both scale and resemblance. The M9 HE-DP's are about 3.5", not much bigger than a real one. Just wouldn't want to talk them out in public or anything. :rolleyes
LiuAnXiang said:
Yeah, because you'd look weird in public talking to a grenade.
:lol: That's probably true. But taking them out in public probably woudn't be to good either. :)
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Ares said:
No. Halo Frag grenades are made up.

Yes the halo grenades are fictional, but the type of grenade (Fragmentation A.K.A. Frag) are very real.
Yeah for the safety of your props (in response to the guy who said be careful) just put blaze orange tape or paint on it somewhere easily visiable and you should be okay as long as you aren't hucking them at people or threatening people.

Anyhow, great idea give it a try, i personaly would like to sculpt a spike grenade (y)
sometime i will,

anyhow, good luck and be safe!

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