Grenadier Armor Project (First Build)


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So I have officially decided to start working on my first armor build. I'm planning to build it with pepakura and resin. I'll post images once I actually have something to post. The plan is for me to do the grenadier from reach to get familiar with the process, then make the NOBLE armor from Halo 5. If you guys got any pro tips for a noob, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :D


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I would also recommend watching a bunch of youtube videos! When I did my armor, I basically lived on youtube for a couple of weeks before I actually started. Can't wait to see it!


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Welcome to the 405th! Glad to hear your interest in pep. I've really liked the few projects I've done. Pro tips? Not much more pro than Cereal Kill3r. You can get links to his tutorial videos here.