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Grrr! We're freelancers! Red vs Blue WIP

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Sara, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Hello 405th!
    I've been lurking around the forums for a while and figured it's about time I started a thread on my own project.
    A few months ago a few friends and I decided that we need halo armour for the next Supanova expo.
    We're all huge fans of Red vs Blue so, as the thread title suggests, we decided to go as our favourite freelancers from the series.

    I'm going as Agent Tex, my friend Nicole (405th name bubblycarolina) is going as Agent Carolina and our partners Kristian and Jason are going as Agents Maine and Washington.

    The amour/weapons we'll be making are:

    Mk VI armour, dual weilding M6G magnums

    Mk VI armour with a Rogue helmet and Recon chest & biceps. Dual weilding M6G magnums.

    Agent Maine was a headache as he is seen in 3 different sets of armour throughout the series: 1)Agent Maine 2)Agent Maine after implantation with the Sigma AI and 3)Meta (rawr!)
    We are making the 2nd armour set so we're going with Mk VI amour with an EVA helmet, Security biceps and an as yet unidentified chest attachment. Naturally Maine will be wielding a Brute Shot (knifle)

    Mk VI Amrour with either a battle rifle or sniper rifle.

    For a bit over two months Nicole and I pepped, whinged about pepping, pepped, cried about pepping and then pepped some more until FINALLY the 4 suits were done.
    As it stands now we've pretty much finished resining everything and we've begun the bondo phase.

    Initially we had hoped to have the armour completed for Brisbane Supanova (November 2012) but it looks like we'll be aiming for Supanova Gold Coast instead (April 2013)
    Anyway, the important stuff: photos! nothing amazing to show yet just some random progress shots, everything is still a WIP.
    Ignore any size testers, everything was pepped in high res.

    Comments and critiques welcome.
    Cheers :)







  2. PigBenis

    PigBenis Well-Known Member

    Hey and welcome . Wow you started this thread with an amazing progress and your work is outstanding !!!

    U have a clean build so far . And you got my heart with the rogue helmet :D im surely following this thread from now oN!
  3. [​IMG]

    Beginning at the end, eh? It's pretty freakin beautiful! Why are you just posting progress now? That brute shot! Ooooohhh...
  4. ColFork85

    ColFork85 Member

    That's a lot of pepping! Great job so far!
  5. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Thanks for the kind words guys :)
  6. Caboose vs Grif

    Caboose vs Grif

    Did you fiberglass everything on the inside? It looks awesome! Good to have another Tex around!
  7. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Thanks, it's all glassed and stranded on the inside. I still need to go through and trim off all the overhang actually. RvB ftw!
  8. Caboose vs Grif

    Caboose vs Grif

    Ok. Looks good! Nice job on the bondo also! :)
  9. Cool idea you've come up with.
  10. Cjsuner

    Cjsuner Member

    Dang Man! you are working really fast, very clean so far!
    Can't wait to see how fast you get these all done!
  11. Inheritor95

    Inheritor95 Jr Member

    Everything looks amazing!
  12. Kuroshoku

    Kuroshoku New Member

    Can't wait to see the brute shot finished >.<

    MEGATRON Jr Member

    this is a freaking beautiful build cant wait to see more of it
  14. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Thanks so much guys :) starting this thread has been a real motivator. Not a lot to report, I've been working on getting the ab plate right on my (Tex) chest peice, I know a lot of people make this a seperate piece to the chest but it just made more sense to me to make it as one (one less thing to hang maybe?) There's still a lot of work to be done on this area and I'm thinking about adding some physical battle damage to it also. Thoughs?

    Also I've attached an updated pic of the Recon (Carolina) chest that bubblycarolina has been working on.

    Looks like we'll be putting in a full day of work tomorrow so watch this space ;)

    Also does anyone out there have an ID for the chest attachment that Maine has in the screengrab below?




    Apologies for the dodgy phone pics, I'll pull out the dslr next time
  15. SquishyShoes


    Scout chest piece in the picture (with EVA shoulders).
    I believe Sutekhian did a chest attachment for it a while back, and it was re-released recently, but you might have to do a bit of digging and searching to find it. I'm too lazy to do it right now.
  16. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Hey, thanks for that, I thought it was scout but some dodgy google image results led me astray. The shoulders are security though :) Thanks again, I'll see if I can find the pep you mentioned.
  17. thorn696


    Nice looking bondo work.
  18. Doctorwho10

    Doctorwho10 New Member

    Finally, someone is actually doing an idea that i've had for ages but i haven't done anything about it because i don't have the resources and time to do it, i'm glad to see some other Australians on the 405th and if i see you at Goldcoast supanova 2013, i want to get a photo with all of you.
  19. Promethean Angel

    Promethean Angel New Member

    hey man this is awesome. I and a friend are doing a freelancer build as well. Right after Halo 4 I'm going to start on doing washington and i'll go on to do Maine and Carolina. This might help you out though if you havent found it already. http://halocostuming.wikia.com/wiki/Pepakura_File_Index
  20. Gray


    This looking pretty awesome!
  21. Carpathia


    I'm pretty sure I've seen the attachment you're looking for (the chest attachment). I can't seem to find it online at the moment, but I think I have it in my personal pep database. I'll check later on today after I get off work. If I do have it, I'll post it for you.

    This is one exciting build already! You've done a lot of work and the quality is outstanding. Keep it up.
  22. John Awesome

    John Awesome Jr Member

    This is a very cool project, and those are some very good peps you guys have made! Are you going to act out some scenes from seasons 9 or 10? If so, you really should film it! And, if you do manage to get a hold of Scout chest piece file, could you share it with me, as I've been trying to find one for the longest time (I'm also going to build Meta's armor... He's pretty popular). But anyways, good luck for the rest of the build!
  23. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Great to see another aussie :) and a Doctor Who fan no less :D Supanova Gold Coast sounds awesome, see you there.

    That would be very, very much appreciated.

    Thanks, yep the Index is a great resource, the scout chest is the only bit I'm missing though. Can't wait to see your progress on your own freelancers build, it's a great project.

    Again, thanks everyone for the kind words and encouragement :)

  24. SpartanColorado

    SpartanColorado New Member

    looking great cant wait to see more
  25. SquishyShoes


    Haha, yeh I was thinking I was wrong on the shoulders.
    I might have the original release floating around somewhere on my computer. I'll give you a link if I find it.

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