Guns for Hire Felix Progress


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Had the idea for this costume (at least the felix side) ,

for 2 years now and finally decided to act on it. I put it on hold in 2016 because f**k pepakura. I bought a lovely scout mold from Icon Props, and it fits perfectly. With a little padding, it'll be a nice snug fit.

I cut away the visor a few days ago and prepared it for painting.


Will update as I go along


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Looks good! Are you going to do the fanart style, or the full armor set?
Imma Necro this thread real quick.

I always intended to do *this* fanart of Felix with my brother but sadly only I got my costume done. Here's the finished look. Featured is helloiamkate on Instagram. I luckily caught her as I was leaving WonderCon.


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