h3 gloves

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does anyone habe some pep files for the halo3 gloves? the original gloves in pepekura are just a couple of oversized squares to me... i like how the h3 ones are more triangular
well, since H3 isnt out yet, I think itll probably be near impossible to get it. now if someone has made their own model and thrown that into pepkura. I know some people here have studided screen shots and made their own out of clay.
Well, there are the beta files. I have the 5 map files. (Waterworld.map, deadlock.map, snowbound.map, shared.map, and mainmenu.map). They include the Halo 3 MC biped, but I don't have a program to extract the models!

If I did, you would all have seen a Spartan Laser by now!
Hey, if you want to make me an app that can extract the models, go right ahead! Or find me one. I would be more than happy to cut up the ojects and make them for pep.
You might just have to come up with them your self... :\...

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