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These pictures are starting to look like a collection of the Exodia cards from Yugioh. ANYWAY one shin is done, test fit was done before the edges were added. I was going to go to bed but my sheets were forgotten in the wash and I have no extra sheets.....so I guess I'm gonna continue working.... ;u;

You keep working because you don't have sheets........what happens when you run out of socks........or underwear? Go to work in your birthday suit? :eek:


You keep working because you don't have sheets........what happens when you run out of socks........or underwear? Go to work in your birthday suit? :eek:

Birthday suit? Like?


Guess who forgot they have a thread??? MEEEEEEE
4D67689F-63A7-400D-91AD-6F433DFF2D04.jpeg DCF7E1F6-CDF9-4427-B898-54A9B8CD9CDF.jpeg
The weather has been perfect for painting and it made me realize while I have done a lot, my parts are MISSING a lot... rivets, and details were completely missing because I told myself I’d come back to it later and Later has arrived.

I want to be able to remove the entire front chest plate, don't ask why because my brain just wants that. and I might be leaving a gap which I'm still trying to figure how to fill...
CEA915C2-F0AB-4359-8C58-F018751960C9.jpeg B00B36ED-931E-49E0-BE19-760B5BEED751.jpeg

Priming has finally started with the chest piece since it's a monster of a piece. and while that dries I get to go back to adding details to all the stuff that needs it......
829ADB97-A317-41E5-AF25-FDEDCB58338A.jpeg EFFC3D2E-A67C-46C9-A91A-E888C3AB1585.jpeg

TLDR: do all the details when you are working on the part. >:T


It’s been a hot minute on this thread. I was able to paint and weather everything during a week of really nice weather we had here.
6185CB40-884B-44E5-874E-BA6457040AD4.jpeg 0CF89359-F094-4765-B014-B7AD03DBF085.jpeg 4D11DFB1-3D7D-457E-B100-FBFB887E3A9F.jpeg EB2DC106-8348-4119-B238-8AC4566E9A67.jpeg 4C837A8D-BABB-434D-8F33-8C00348AED16.jpeg D4E47A89-8B13-4472-953D-FD526FE91BFB.jpeg 2311CC87-8DC1-47DD-8E08-8A1A60B6629E.jpeg
With everything weathered I was going to look into the strapping process for the armor. Before I could do that I needed the pants for the marine...I never bought pants because I didn’t like any of the camo I found and the ones I did like were way to expensive. So I got about 3-4 yards of camo fabric and used part of the simplicity pattern 8722 to make the pants since I needed them to be baggy. They fit pretty well but if you look too close you can see how janky they are. Either way I have learned how to make pants and I’m ready to fight god.
DDB13F17-B07B-4B39-97CF-22B28409BF23.jpeg 11375EC9-843B-4B5C-8836-0EBFFB443532.jpeg DD18B47B-14DC-4CC9-947E-76B6123278DD.jpeg
Which meansss I can start straps!
AEAC4E61-CA58-4503-BCD5-4263E8942DC0.jpeg 70CAA84C-35FD-4C2D-A758-B3B8C3384FA8.jpeg 01004F08-56CD-4739-8C2D-78B8D2958FFA.jpeg CE1A9EEB-5F2C-4D79-973A-B861C178B174.jpeg 1EEA7FA9-7AC5-4559-AF85-212F4D537400.jpeg F3DD7DEA-0261-4D33-89A1-37626C89E2D0.jpeg
both legs have straps and I can Slav squat pretty alright in them so I count this as a win.


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This maybe the last update on this project...because I’m very disappointed with the outcome. But anyway here’s what I failed to report the last few days/weeks? Work makes it hard to do much now a day.

T-shirt was an old sleepy shirt I took the sleeves off and sewed camo printed cotton sleeves to which have pockets on the arms.


The straps on the chest piece shoulder area gave me trouble and kept peeling off after the hot glue cooled down So I had to dremel away the paint so foam could contact foam, which means the straps on there are a solid anchor.

Trying to get the shoulder pieces to float/and hear to armor was going to Have me ruin my upcycled/newly made shirt and I said yea NO. So I took it upon my self to tear up a pair of exercise pants I never really used? I made some shoulder harnesses that have Velcro and elastic to hold it in place and allow comfortable movement.
264F2A03-793F-4E90-876C-AB5396815B92.jpeg 2BCC81D4-D933-4FF5-9393-1AE25CB826F1.jpeg 880E79F7-28CC-45CD-AF10-21B0F01FE175.jpeg 944DCB47-4D71-49B8-B6FB-C2DF5DB8042A.jpeg CFACA80A-0CA6-409B-8750-57F95D0E03E4.jpeg

The shoulder harness fits well with the chest piece over it not too much bulk. And the shoulder pieces kinda fit along. There’s bumping into the chest piece but since its on flexible material it allows the stress without ruining the parts.
CC80681B-E942-4C81-91F0-21D5C23D5F53.jpeg F6E3C0AF-9902-4B18-8929-CC234E273C13.jpeg B58EF94E-D9D9-4646-99F2-71A7AB18C7E9.jpeg 8379086D-BB8E-4CE7-9F82-33994989DDAB.jpeg 2C1259AD-9ABD-422A-850E-FA7E1F420A2F.jpeg

The test fit of all the parts together is where this all falls apart for me. The chest piece just fits way too big and the shoulders make it look even worse. I know there are a few parts missing but I highly doubt they’d make a difference.
4E39458B-2E3A-47B0-A273-FC18DDAAAD60.jpeg 8BCD4311-FFA2-40EA-A778-65707FC8B90D.jpeg
With the amount of time I’ve sunk into making this I’m just really let down. The attempts to scale still left me with some parts that are too big. And with the deadline I have for Halloween, the weather being the mess it is and the time it would take to remake the parts I’m unhappy with, there’s just no way I can see myself doing it.

I learned a lot tho. I sewed actual pants, clothing cosplays are no longer completely off the menu for me. I learned how to better read clothing patterns, got some experience scaling even though it was somewhat for naught. And for once it was nice to finish a costume BEFORE the date it’s needed.

“What am I going to do with this Marine Armor?”
I want to trash it....but I’m setting it aside for now, looking at it is just making me rethink doing this. I don’t strive for perfection with armor, I strive for being happy enough with it to want to wear it, and that’s just not how I feel about this set at all.

If there are any other changes made I’ll update the thread but so far I’m stuck and I don’t see a way of fixing this.


Guess who’s stubborn and didn’t let this sit for long? MEEEEEE
I figured adding some padding might help the fitting of the chest piece, since that was my biggest issue. I used the rest of the pair of exercise pants, I tore apart for the shoulder slings, to make sleeves for the upholster foam to fit into. Foam on skin hot, but foam in breathable material not as hot! I can also remove the foam and sleeves to wash it which was my goal. The foam is held into place by elastic strips and foam.

2FB1EDB7-791C-441A-94F6-1133A64928C2.jpeg 15D85DA3-4FBF-4EE5-B9C7-AD61DBEC9371.jpeg FEE3434E-28E9-4286-A890-C3E38B8DE48C.jpeg
026A4FF1-BAA6-4464-8C45-1D568D2E0165.jpeg 9F5B0CAB-06A6-4816-B7FB-2F76E58FCFDF.jpeg
With the fit issue now fixed....
1E70E9E6-4BB9-442D-8D4C-D2F186CB2EC8.jpeg D9D48561-C1BF-496B-83AD-549BD259249A.jpeg 6601E14D-6210-4B35-A22E-B590E3D8655B.jpeg BCB8E35A-5C7F-4DC2-9AD7-36D8A65D14BE.jpeg 3CBC34D4-F9A9-490F-A971-54F81252E080.jpeg
I’m happy to wear it! :D
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