H5 Secuirty Visor: What to make it out of


I've seen some ski goggle visors out there that have a similar shape to the security visor. Or you could always try vacuum forming if you want an even more accurate shape. I haven't done too much research into vacuum forming myself but I know there's plenty of info out there on how to do it


Vacuforming is a good way to go, however you'll need a machine to be able to do it properly. After that, you can dye it and/or add reflective tinting - there's quite a few resources out there on how to do that. Never made a visor myself, so I can't give my expertise.


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Making your own utilizing Vacuum Forming would be the most accurate.

You can also look into Gold Iridium Motorcycle Visors, or "Bubble" scooter visors.