H5 Spartan Fred 2.0 Cosplay Build Log


Log 1

This log in this thread will be mainly to lay down what i have at the moment and what i need to do starting from here!
Disclaimer, I'm a full time university student with a part time job, this thread could go inactive for a few months!
So 2 years ago, I started my first version of Spartan Fred 104 as seen in Halo 5 : Guardian, now, I think I can do better! this is my current suit.

now whats wrong with it? well many things!

My helmet has been 3D printed and the inside has been fiberglassed for strenght. This step was way overkill and just added extra weight. also it is only a slightly moddified version of the game asset, i now have a custom 3D model that I will mold and cast out of resin. Also, the new helmet will have a vacumformed visor. Fred helmet.png

As a comon theme in this Log 1, for the chest, there wasnt any good Pepakura unfold for fred's chest, and the one available was quite a low quality and low detail, for this reason, i used the 2nd clossest thing; the templates for Master chief's chestplate that i moddified to make to look like fred's chest and adding the proper details, but the proportions of the chest is really off and it's a bit too small. Further more, it's probably one of the most abused peices of my suit afterr the boots covers and it is falling appart in the lower back. For my new chestplate (wich is the first peices im re-building, i will be using an altered version of ODCA 's Fred unfold, these moddification were mainly for personal prefference and ease of use.

The biceps were custom made, so they have slight inacuracies and they are a bit too small for my very long arms. also i used 2mm foam for the inside peices of the bicep (the one that rubs against my chest) and over time it softened A LOT so the biceps are bending in a weird angle. When it comes to the shoulders, i used master chief's shoulder plates as a shape and curve refference, with custom build details using the textured game asset as a refference, they are still in a very good shape and the size of them is overall quite pleasing so I will keep them as is for now I think. (dont quote me on that)

These peices are the ones that requires the least amount or work, they are made from Master cheif's forearms with custom details, overall very happy! i might just change the elbow pads, but im not sure just yet.

Cod peice/abs/spine/butt plate
All these peices need to be re-made except the butt plate, i will talk further more about it in the undersuit section.

I used old peices on this suit to save time, I used armor peices from my first Master Chief suit dating from 2016-17 wich causes 2 main issues. The armor peices are a bit underscaled/too short and I used truck bed lining instead of Plasti-Dip (to save money back then too) and spray paint; neither of which are flexible, so the new latex paint is pealing in sheets where the armor is flexing. also the glue joins are giving up, i didnt reinforced my old suit as much as my new ones. I will just rebuild new ones

For now, the knees are fine, i will see if with the new shins if the scale is off, i will remake them!

They are beyond repairs. back in august, during the photoshoot from the first picture, i steped in water and the hot glue and the foam simply released, they just fell appart instantly! I will Print my new boot covers with some included platform to try and lift me a few cm higher. I will also make them with my running shoes in mind and not my work boots for extra comfort! (I will try to make a winter variant for snow!)

At the moment, I am using some light blue gardening gloves with sintra armor peices attached using chicago screws... look, i dont know either... for my new gloves, i will use padded wprk gloves which shares a few textures and patern from a spartan glove. I will contact cement some 3D printed armor peices on the glove (will most likely change)

well that just a hell of a task for any of us isnt it. i used painted yoga matts for the chest/mid section to try to emulate the hex partner... yeah, not great, it was stupid warm, and not flexible in the slightest... i will try to use yaya-hans scuba hex fabric in combination to some black streachy fake leather to make the techsuit in almost of a muscle suit fashion. I will enlist the help of one of my friend who has a lot more experience in sewing then I do, so thats gonna be interesting. i might make a parallel build thread if it works!

If you red trought this entire first log, you're a true trooper, thanks a lot! i will update this thread with Log 2 as soon as i complete the chestplate! see you there!
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