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Hail Hydra

Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by Bucs37DK, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Bucs37DK


    So, this has been a long time coming. For the past month and a half I've been working on a Hydra, one of my favorite weapons in Halo 5. The goal was to create something with my 3d printer and make it to where the outside observer wouldn't be able to tell if it was 3d printed. Oh and to make it 1:1 scale. So there's that. First thing was first a file. I gathered an excellent Hydra file from thingiverse.com at the link below:
    UNSC Hydra [Halo 5] by misterchiefcostuming

    Unfortunately there were some errors in the files. Most likely from the Pepakura conversion.


    So I hoped into a 3d modeling program and utilized what little skill I have to fine tune the models and fill in the imperfections. Once they were filled I proceeded to print at the game accurate 36 inches.
    Here are some of the aformentioned prints as they showed up raw out of the printer.


    Also for getting rid of those pesky supports...a deburring tool. It's amazing.


    After a few failed prints and some fine tuning on print settings. Here are all 23 parts printed. T-Rex for scale.


    I took a 2 part epoxy and superglue to assemble the weapon into 4 separate sections. Then of course I had to tape them together to get an idea on the size of this beast. It's going to be huge.


    In order to clean up the pesky assembly seams, I utilized a technique I found on Punished Props. Mixing baby powder with super glue, filling the seam, and hitting it with an accelerant. Works amazing.


    Here are all 4 sections assembled with some clean up and basic priming complete.


    Next I assembled it into a top and bottom complete half. Cleaned up those seams and really got into the great and arduous task of cleaning up the full weapon. Lots and lots of sanding...filler primer...and sanding. Rinse repeat.


    Both halves taped together cause reasons.


    I may have been premature on this step, but I couldn't resist completing final assembly. Got the clamps out for one more run of 2 part epoxy and superglue.


    And here she is in all of her glory. ARa and myself for scale :D



    Here she is right now in her current state. More sanding and some Bondo to fill in some errors. Lots of work left to do, but man I am so proud of where this is heading.


    Feedback, questions, comments always welcome.

    Last edited: Jul 11, 2017
  2. mblackwell1002



    That thing looks amazing. I plan on printing one eventually, but I think I'll either model it myself or wait for a High-res version. I don't want to sand all those edges smooth on that thing, especially since it is so detailed.

    Nice work! I hope to see that bad boy finished and with some paint!

    Hydra is one of those guns that look good no matter what you do. that will look insane with a suit! Keep it up, it's gonna look awesome!
  3. Bucs37DK


    Thanks! Unfortunately, with 3d printing you can never dodge all of those layer lines. And if you print at the insane resolutions (.05 layer height and such) the time of the print just grows exponentially. It's really not that bad and filler primer helps quite a lot.
  4. ReClaimer8015


    Awesome mate! I have tears in my eyes:cry: soo beautiful!
    Are you going with the default paint scheme or are you aiming for some fancy skin?
  5. mblackwell1002


    Yeah, I have a 3D printer. I'm meaning the edges from the model being video-game resolution. It's not exactly super high-res. I've modeled dozens of really high-res models for people (myself included) to 3D print. I like my models to be really smooth so that I don't have to deal with all those low-poly edges when post processing. It just makes the process a lot faster, and I can have a more detailed prop.

    Build lines are inevitable for sure. I print my props at 0.15- 0.1mm to (once again) require less sanding and be more detailed. :p I don't wanna accidentally sand away fine detail.
  6. Bucs37DK


    I was going to go with one of the skins initially, but I kind of have the UNSC armory vibe going with my current weapons so default it is.
  7. Bucs37DK


    Ahh I got you now. Yea its always a balance with time to get the print done and getting that awesome high res print done. Makes it fun :D
    mblackwell1002 likes this.
  8. mblackwell1002


    Haha, yeah. Sometimes I just get impatient and am like "Ahh FINE I'LL DO 0.2mm! RRGGH." :D

    Depends on the mood, I guess.

    But when I do 0.1mm, I'm always impressed with the results. It's usually worth it when I think "OOHHH, that's a pretty part." :p

    speaking of, what resolution did you print at?
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2017
    Bucs37DK likes this.
  9. Bucs37DK


    I started at .125 and noticed that since its such a large print I could get away with .2. So in the end it was about half and half. I personally think a huge part is the filament. The PLA+ I'm using does a great job at filling itself out.
  10. AlphaZero

    AlphaZero New Member

    That thing is a monster. How much does that beast weigh? In all honesty I don't like the hydra in H5 but it does look pretty awesome.
  11. Bucs37DK


    Honestly not sure on the weight. She's not as heavy as she looks though. It has minimal infil throughout so each piece is almost hollow. And it's made of a lightweight plastic.
  12. CommanderPalmer


    With all the seams filled it looks so pretty. :)
    But damn... It's so huge! Was it intentional to make it overly big (if the AR is 1:1)?
  13. mblackwell1002


    Well, I imagine he just made it 1:1 scale for maximum awesomeness. I've messed with the in-game models, and he's got the scaling correct.
    Here's an image of the in-game models in my slicer
  14. CommanderPalmer


    mblackwell1002 AR is 100cm (39,2inch), while Hydra is 91,4cm (36inch). Well, normally those 10cm/over 3inch are clearly visible if you compare something side by side.
    Also, I wasn't judging, I was just curious if the AR is 1:1 or not, if it was intended, etc.
  15. mblackwell1002


    That's the exact same measurements the models^ in the image have. :) His look pretty much proportional.

    lol, sorry. Confused:confused:

    The AR model he used is Michael Flannigan's, his models are all intended to be mechanical with springs and such. If he scaled it down, it would mess with part allowances. (causing the parts not to fit together) So I imagine it's 100% game scale because Michael makes his models full scale (like everyone else, lol)
  16. Bucs37DK


    Yea all my weapons are 1:1 scaled (AR included). I stand 6'2 so it works for more pretty much. I like to keep all the weapons true to scale. I know most scale them down, but I'm all about accuracy. hah
    mblackwell1002 likes this.
  17. CommanderPalmer


    Oooh, I understand! That's why it looked a bit big on you! Not negative - I think we all love big boomsticks. ;)
    Can't wait for the painting stage, when it'll get some colors...
    Bucs37DK likes this.
  18. Bucs37DK



    It begins....easily the mist stressful step of this whole process
  19. mblackwell1002


    Whaddya mean? What's the most stressful part in your opinion? Mine is filling seams, so that varies...
  20. Bucs37DK


    Dude, I have no painting skill hah. I know how to fill seams, its just tedious. this standard Hydra paintjob is terrifying.
    mblackwell1002 likes this.
  21. Bucs37DK


    Well...today started out amazingly...
    As I was prepping the Hydra for the main body paint (which has been a pain). She fell...
    After a few choice words repairs commenced...


    In order to repair I took my bottle of super glue and poured into the recess. Additionally, I took the baby powder and super glue mix and filled the rest. Some sanding later and voila! Damage repaired.


    I'm still worried about the integrity of the pistol grip area but I think it will hold. That being said, for a drop on a concrete floor, I think it's pretty great that this is the only damage.
    SI3RRA 117 likes this.
  22. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Never even tell it had an accident. I find the actual painting easy. I use spray paints so the masking is what gets me. Then remasking the whole thing for a different color then another and another
  23. mblackwell1002


    Yeah, painting should be fun. At least, I enjoy painting. If you have access to a vinyl cutter, that would do a great job with the UNSC decal on the side. Would save you a lot of work. Might cost you $3 or 4 dollars, but it would look super snazzy.

    And all the masking you'll need...a challenge for sure. Best of luck!
  24. Bucs37DK


    I've been eyeing a cricut for awhile in regards to that UNSC decal hah. The hard part for me at least is making sure the colors are right. It won't be perfect but hey thats half the fun. Painting is great though cause that's when the prop really comes to life!
  25. Bucs37DK


    The girl is finally getting some color. A lot of these nooks and crannies require some hand painting :D. Shes coming along.

    Schankerz and SI3RRA 117 like this.

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