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- Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by ReheatedHeroics, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. ReheatedHeroics

    ReheatedHeroics Active Member

    Alright folks,
    I figured as more and more posts are added to the Armor Discussion forum, a central place for all completed or near completed armor would be a beneficial reference for us all, as well as a Hall of Honor for those amazing artisans. This is for your armor, that you bought or built, not someone else’s.

    If we can keep out the discussion of how's and why's that'd be great. Either PM the creators or start a new thread (remember to search first).

    So if ya got 'em post some pics... (it'd be cool if you also posted a little snippet of how you made it i.e. Vacuum form, molds, materials, but it's your choice.)

  2. link4044

    link4044 Sr Member

    plasma pistol

    heres a few pics of my plasma psitol with my old helmet. the plasma pistol is made out of cast resin with color changing paint green/purple/blue...i dont care to much for the color changing paint when its not in the light its a darker color




  3. briarsarmor

    briarsarmor Active Member

    helmet done for the guys of RedvsBlue







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  4. Sean Bradley

    Sean Bradley

    Some pics of my Armor

    These are a few snapshots of my suit before I had completely finished it.
    It's missing a couple pieces. If you can guess - you get a cookie.
    I'll put up a few more when I get shots w/ my Energy Sword.

    I made my suit by fabricating sheet styrene and reinforcing it from the back with fiberglass. Slightly different approach than most.










  5. Nightmare Armor

    Nightmare Armor Active Member

  6. Deadguy

    Deadguy Well-Known Member

    I forgot I even had this.. but here's a vid of a suit I made specifically for this project, I'm not wearing it though.

    It takes a few minutes before it shows up in the vid... the vid itself is kinda' funny though.

  7. Monstermaker13

    Monstermaker13 Well-Known Member

  8. shifty

    shifty Member

  9. Ares

    Ares Well-Known Member

    Rocket Launcher
    Frag Grenade
  10. honest insanity

    honest insanity Active Member

  11. The Ragin Pagan

    The Ragin Pagan

    Cardboard Master Chief

    Well, having found this particular string thanks to Redsleighdown, I have some pictures of my own costume. Made completely of cardboard and duct tape, I bring to you in order of production: The Master Chief of Emporia, Kansas! (warning: 11 pictures...)

  12. Ryan Ultima

    Ryan Ultima Jr Member

  13. Sean Bradley

    Sean Bradley

    Sweet Ryan, I'm glad you joined... I've seen your vids before.

  14. Ryan Ultima

    Ryan Ultima Jr Member

  15. Ryan Ultima

    Ryan Ultima Jr Member

    on mine? heres a pic:

    the lens is lego, with a sheet of window tint on it.
  16. link4044

    link4044 Sr Member

    haha even the lens is lego
  17. Sean Bradley

    Sean Bradley

    Hey everybody, remember, this thread is for pics, not discussion; from the rules on page 1:

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  18. Spartan 270

    Spartan 270 Well-Known Member

    My first armor....its kinda weird but yea here it is. NOTE: DONT HAVE UNDER ARMOR YET.




    Second version...
  19. The Ragin Pagan

    The Ragin Pagan

    Did you use magnets to "clip" the guns?
  20. Spartan 270

    Spartan 270 Well-Known Member

    Nope, i used small....really small, velcro straps. They allowed me to attach my weapons to my backpack and leg plates.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  21. The Ragin Pagan

    The Ragin Pagan

    It looks like you used a CD Carousel lid for the visor. Did you?
  22. Spartan 270

    Spartan 270 Well-Known Member

    No, i used a plastic lense.
  23. Redsleighdown

    Redsleighdown Well-Known Member

    Please ask these questions on another thread or through PMs. Thanks.

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 26, 2017
  24. TheBlue

    TheBlue Well-Known Member

    My Custom Scratchbuild Cardboard Armor. Man thats a title.

    Anyway, here ya go:

    Upper Right Leg
    Another View
    Upper Right Shoulder
    Lower Leg
    Another Shot
    Right Forearm
    Different View
    Left View
    Left Single LED(I only have one dang little keychain flashlight, but its bright)
  25. Friendly

    Friendly Well-Known Member

    Edited because the picture sucked.

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